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Quotes After purchasing my beautiful blue eyed buck (Holts Theodore) from Tari, I went back and bought two does (Holts Rita and Holts Pepsi~Cola). All three have wonderful body shapes, great ears, and gorgeous coloring. Tari is a pleasure to work with, and her rabbitry is unbelievable- very clean and each bunny looks so happy and loved! I hope to do business with Tari again in the future. Diana Hutson Lucky Little Lops Calhan, CO Quotes
Diana Hutson
I Love my 3 "Holts" Bunnies

Quotes Hello Tari, I?m sorry that I didn?t have a chance to email you the day we picked up the bunnies. They are all doing great! We have named the little sable point Thumper, and he is just a doll. He loves to cuddle with my sister and myself. Dusty like you mentioned loves to talk to me, and is very loving overall! I really adore your rabbity and I commend you on all of your hard work. I know running a rabbity isn?t an easy task, but you handle yourself with grace. Your love and compassion for Hollands really shows in the quality of your Hollands. We will be purchasing more rabbits from you in the future! Thank you so much, The Dasher Family Quotes

Quotes We spent many hours researching and visiting numerous rabbitries looking for a Holland Lop as a pet. We were very impressed with Tari's rabbitry. It is very clean and every rabbit is well taken care of. In addition, she provides individual attention to her rabbits, which shows in the bunnies' temperaments. As first time rabbit owners we had so many questions. Tari and her husband spent a lot of time explaining and providing important information about the breed. We purchased an adorable little chocolate doe that is so fun and sweet. It was a pleasure doing business with Holt's Critter Corner and we would highly recommend her if you're looking for a Holland Lop. Colorado Springs, CO. Quotes
Tan & Jaclyn